Saturday, 13 September 2014

Do you label a table runner?


Yes, I'm still here and I still sew ... kind of. I had an episode with some intense back/shoulder pain which kept me away, for the better part of the week, from my sewing room.  I did sew, (a few minutes at a time than on bed rest for the rest of the day) but had nothing worth showing ... until now.

First, I did the Marcus Designer Sew Along from last week.

This is NOT a block I would have tried on my own. So I am glad someone asked me to push my comfort zone up a notch and give it a try.  I am happy with the result but not happy enough to add it to the quilt. This one too will become a mug rug.   :^)
I am not in love with the blue and green 4 patch even though it does look good when looking at the fabric side by side, it is a different story when sewn into a 4 patch. I find it makes the corners too dark. Second, if you look at the bottom leg of the plus, it is not aligned. Don't like that. BUT I am happy with the exterior points of the PLUS.  Yes, I definitively have to redo this one; lighter green or lighter blue?

Because bending over my sewing machine or my quilting frame was torture, I sat in front of Pinterest and Blogland instead. Bad move. So much inspiration!! And fall is slowly coming, and orange is everywhere, and I ♥♥love orange♥♥, and ... well... I couldn't resist starting something new! I've never done a table runner before and Nicky had a sweet TRELLIS on her blog.  I was in love. So since July, I've been waiting for the right time to make this table runner. Sometime last week, I decided it was the right time ... of the year for a fall table runner.   ;^)

Chose some fall fabrics. Okay that's easy. Chose a colour for the "trellis".
Okay, that looks good.

... maybe not with all the fabrics I have picked.  Not in love with the bottom blocks but they'll have to do.

This morning, I am up since 6:00 am, I finished assembling it.  All done. It is sitting on a chair on a VERY windy Saturday morning.

Now, I have three, yes THREE projects to machine quilt.  The fall table runner, of course.

The "Speck of Colours" quilt and ...

have to finish "Where I come from" scrap quilt.  Only the borders need quilting. The middle was done a month or so ago and  I should have finished it before removing the walking foot from the sewing machine.  That was a bad decision on my part. Oh well, it will be done soon.  No more new projects Chantal, you hear?  Yes, yes!
Let's get back to the table runner please. I do have the fabric for the backing and the thin batting but should I make a label?

I will try to take a  better picture of it on a sunny day

Until next time... ssssSMiLE ... 

not every day is good but there is good in every day! 


  1. Thank you for showing me your lovely trellis runner. I've never had someone follow a pattern of mine before! What a great idea to make an autumn version. As for a label I just FMQ details on my quilts and projects.

  2. Yes, please make a label. If I was lucky enough to inherit this work in the future, I would long to know the maker and would be very happy to find the label.
    I love what you made and I love autumn and all it's colours. The quilts are quite lovely, how hard it is to wait until we have finished our WIP's :-)

  3. Back pain is terrible... hope you feel much better this week.
    Love that tablerunner pattern... I have to hop over and read more about it!

  4. Of course it needs a label. Would Picasso not sign a painting just because it was small? LOL Give yourself the credit you deserve. Lovely work.

  5. Like you I experience a horrible back pain last month! Nevertheless I see that you advanced in your sewing, congratulations!

  6. That is such an unusual block you have used for the runner..... labels are great for any piece of work... though I am not very good at remembering my labels!

  7. a fun table runner, no I don't label table runners, I love the last quilt its just beautiful.
    The borders in the second quilt keeps it light and airy I look forward to seeing how you quilt this one

  8. Those are great projects. So glad you felt better and tried some new blocks. It is good to stretch sometimes isn't it? Keep feeling better and don't over do it!


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