Monday, 1 September 2014

Monday's Options

I have none! I still have to do some mending. Yuck!! (paste big sigh here)    :-6   Can you see my tongue sticking out at the pile of jeans waiting to be mended ?

Anyway, I did find some time to have some fun.  I did the Apricot Chutney (smells good all over the place) and finished the label for Antique Inspiration.
 So that one is back on the wall. Checked.

And also the Marcus Designer Sew Along is done too. Here is block 4 which I haven't posted yet.

And here is block 5

Oh look! Rebel came to play in my sewing room again. :D  The designer (I believe it is Gloria Parsons from Olde Green Cupboard) planned this block to be made using light/background, black, cheddar and green fabric only.  Oops! I guess I didn't read it right.  But I so love it. Oh I'm gonna do this block again for sure. For a mug rug? Maybe bigger for a placemat? I don't know but I will do it again. Too much fun and it is so cute.

Maybe the background of block 5 is a little too light ? We'll see when the others surround it how it will look then.
So this is it for this Monday, like I've said I have no option. I HAVE to go back to mending (a.k.a. punishment) and cleaning.  I'm half way done with one pair of jean so I think I deserve another piece of chocolate cake. Yea that seems fair!   :D

Until next time ... sssSMiLE ... because it IS pleasant !!


  1. Chantal... maybe you could look at it like this... in 4 1/2 more pairs of pants fixed.. you will get a reward of some quilting time... then you can clean a little house and take a break at your sewing machine! lol I think that sounds terrific.. but either way isn't it better than having more staff development this week??!! lol At least when you go in tomorrow you will be ready to have a great week... and I love your blocks too! Kathi

  2. lovely lovely blocks... it is hard to tear yourself away from prettiness to go and do unimportant and trivial things.... I was trying to tell Hubz the other night that my sewing needles are not the right type for mending (he needed a trouser hem done!)..... it didn't work!

  3. That label came out great! Love your bright blocks too.

  4. Your blocks look great! I am glad you managed to squeeze a bit of time to spend in your sewing is too short to just work and do chores!!

  5. Definitely fair for the chocolate cake. Mending is my least favorite part of sewing. Hope you got those repairs made so you can get back to the fun part!

  6. Love your block 5... it was fun to sew. I could see a whole quilt made of these!

  7. Your blocks are really fun and colorful.
    Yes, chocolate and mending are a good combination!

  8. pretty blocks, love the colours


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