Friday, 19 September 2014

In the News Tonight

HEAR!  HEAR!  Read all about it!!

In the News tonight, Angie from A Quilting Reader's Garden blog has reached 1000 posts!!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a 1000 posts!  To celebrate this milestone,  she is having a giveaway on her 1001 posts!!  You will NEVER guess what the prize is.  And I am not about to tell you want it is. For those of you who want to know what it is, please take a few seconds and hop over to her blog to have a look.  It is a VERY generous prize!! But hurry, it is a limited time offer! Now back to our regular broadcasting.

This is what I manage to do in the entire week :

One flower! Not even a diamond. Just a flower! Yes, I know : petty!  I was too busy at lunch break taking care of errands to sew. So because I have nothing interesting to show you and since you are already here at my blog, I thought maybe I could show you the very first quilt I have ever made?  Would you like that?

It was back in 2003, oh my! how does the time flies!! Wish I had a scanner to scan the original pictures because these quilts are so used.

I had to play with the brightness to get the colours this nice. It was made with my old kitchen curtains, the remnants from the boys shirts I had made and some old used men shirts. I was volunteering at the Needy Box back then and any shirts that was too used to be passed along came home with me. After this quilt, I was hooked and started to buy good cotton fabric.

All the pinwheels are paired with a stripped fabric in matching colour.

First time hand quilting and I picked a contrasting colour for the big pinwheel in the middle. How bold of me lol. The backing is a print depicting the three little pigs story. It used to be 44 X 37. Perfect size for small little boys.

It had many many spins in the washing machine. The boys just brought it everywhere. It surprises me how it still holds together unlike this one.

This one was made by my biological mother many years before I made my first quilt. She gave it to me before I got married. I guess she was hoping for grand daughters lol.  In her defense I will say that the backing is a blue flannel fabric showing little boys playing hockey.

Again, I've played with the colours in order to have it so nice because it is very pale nowadays. It used to be so red.
The white fabric is falling apart as you can see in this picture. She hand quilted too.
Now these two quilts are treasured. No more playing in the sand box with them or trucking them everywhere, at every picnics, camping grounds and whatnot. They are stored away and when I do bring them out the boys remember pleasant times.

Until next time ... ssssSMiILE ... it's priceless!!



Angie in SoCal said...

Thanks for the shout out, Chantal! And that is a cute flower you made this week. Wish I could say the same, but I've been playing with other quilty things. I invite you to link the post to Hexie Weekend - after all you have that flower to show. Love your quilts and the stories. That was touching to read. Yes, how time flies!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

One of the added bonuses to time getting away is that I can work on my hexies. My first quilt hasn't fared as well as yours has ... the fabrics are worn thin and completely worn out in spots ... plus I didn't know how to properly bind my quilts so the edges are totally frayed. But that tells me that it's been used and loved, and that's good in my world!

Fiona said...

A single flower is better than none at all..... I just loved looking at your special quilts... how lovely to have them and such a lot of memories...