Thursday, 16 June 2016

Challenge's saga continues ...

It is going so well with my 365 Challenge blocks.

Four bowties sewn into a 3.5 inches square was intimidating me but I made it.

Old bowtie done years ago (wish I still have that purple fabric). The corner pieces are cut at 3.5 inches so the blue block fits in a quarter of the big one. Just to put things into perspective, you know.

Two more little 3.5 inches dark blocks came to join the fun and then ...

on with the BIG 6.5 inches blocks in lighter colours.

side way photo for some funny reason
They look so pale lol.  Card Trick, Four Crowns, Four Patch Sawtooth stars and Army Star. They bring me to April 27.
I think I won't put as much white as demanded by the patterns. I would like my quilt  to be more sand coloured.

So, it was really going well with the blocks until the maid showed up.
April 26 is Old Maid's Ramble. The reason why Old Maid is not in the group photo is because she is ... not presentable.

I had in my "Inspiration File" a picture showing only a portion of a quilt.

from Pinterest 
I so love this picture that I would like to make such a quilt one day. I had no idea of its name but now I do AND I even have the pattern to make it.  Except ...

I have to read the instructions more carefully next time.

The corners don't extend to the 6.5 mark. The worst part? ...

I don't have enough of this fabric to redo the corners !!  Don't even have enough to redo one corner!!  D^:

The good news ? Only three more blocks and I am thru April . Yay!! First, I need to fix the maid. lol.

(It just dawn on me; eventually I have to quilt this little charmer. Would you bet on "365 days quilting challenge"? lol)

Next post, I'll tally the pieces for April and for the year so far also.

Until next time ...



  1. Yay! I knew you could do those bowties!
    Old Maid's Ramble really is a hair puller. I had it apart and back together a couple of times before it worked. (And now I can't find my photo of it. Will have to take another picture tomorrow.)
    This quilt is going to be so thick with seams that we might be better off just stapling it instead of quilting it... 8)

  2. Your bow ties are brilliant! What was the problem. xx

  3. oh my goodness.... those blocks are amazing - so many pieces in so small a space.... you are not like me and counting the pieces as you go???? Old maids can be a pain??? they are a bit stubborn


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