Thursday, 2 June 2016

My "One Monthly Goal" is ...

I really had to think about this because so many projects could use the extra attention.

Westering Woman is once a month and I am up to par with that one. Yay!!

Rainbow Scrap Challenge is about using up your scrap in the colour of the month. Since I have only one  block to do per colour, I am good on that project too. Yay!!

Last year RSC quilt is still waiting to be quilted. No "Yay".

My Jubilee quilt,  (hexagon quilt) "Quilt of the Century" as I like to call it, is languishing on top of the frame. No "Yay".
The Ohio Star quilt in the frame is also languishing for some attention since ... ummm ... last year? No "Yay".

Hexagon quilt and Ohio Star waiting patiently for my attention. Underneath, in the baskets, (left to right) fabrics for Westering Women, 365 Challenge and black and red fabrics for the log cabin. In the basket on top are the tulips. Behind is a big mess. Don't look Joyful, I will fix this.  ;^)

Shakespeare in the Park is set up in the oval quilting frame and hasn't moved since. No "Yay".
Shakespeare in the Park

The 365 Challenge is still two month behind the schedule as set up by Kathy. No "Yay".
My usual summer project, Rose Dream, hasn't been touched since ... well, last summer. No "Yay".
Rose Dream blocks

Then, there's the tulips table runner for my M&FIL
Oh, oh! and there's also a new project, the log cabin, a quilt along with Julie. Only half of a block done so far. Not much of a "Yay" there either.
Block tester

And then, I have unearthed Jacob's Ladder which is now calling for a border. That quilt was started in 2013. No "Yay".
Lonely Jacob's Ladder

So which one to pick? Which one is more interesting?

Last Sunday, to join the group  Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy, I worked with hexagons and I enjoyed it and fell back in love with it. So I would like to attach one more row on that one.

RSC 2015 should be easy to quilt as one of the sewing machine is already set up with the walking foot. So this one is not too demanding, except I can't do it outside. You know it is summer now. Who wants to be stuck in the basement during summer? Not me.

Same goes for Ohio Star and Shakespeare. Sooooo ...

That leaves me with the 365 Challenge and I do want to work on this one. So, now the question is:

How many?

I won't try for the entire month of April since I was unable to accomplish this back in April lol. AND it is summer you know! What if I have to make it past the 15th of the month? Yyyyeesss! I could do that!  So I will do two weeks of blocks in a month? I will still be behind like further than ever!! That's not good. Okay! I'll do it! I'll do the ENTIRE month of April. (Yikes!!)

Wish me luck. :^)

Joining Red Letter for OMG June challenge.
Joining Angela for WIPs be Gone.

Until next time ...

Sew on  :)<


  1. I love your Shakespear in the Park so much I requested the book from the library online while looking at your posts. I LOVE your RSC project that is ready to be quilted. RSC is one of my favorite ways to use scraps (along with the Block Lotto). Your Jacob's Ladder quilt is stunning as well. Keep up the slow progress. We can't just work on one thing! That would be boring. :)

  2. haha.... so many gorgeous projects...

  3. Such hard decisions! If you lived here, I suspect you would be happy to live in the basement through summer - way cooler there I should think. Love your RSC project (well done in getting it to flimsy stage) and also that Jacobs Ladder. They are both fabulous. Good luck with your goals. I don't set any. That way I'm not disappointed. LOL

  4. Aaahh je trouve qu'il y a beaucoup de "no yah" dans ton post !! Ne t'inquiètes pas, on a toutes plein de travaux en cours et plein de retard !!
    Tous tes quilts et projects sont supers beaux néanmoins !
    I wish you good luck !! :>)

  5. thanks for making me feel better about being behind on the 365...i think i am 25 days behind (or 26?)....but i have a plan...LOL

  6. You can do it!
    Though it really would be hard to choose where to start amongst so many beautiful projects!
    Maybe you can take your handquilting out on the patio to enjoy the day?

  7. Wow, some gorgeous tops you have on your WIP list. Giving you positive thoughts to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors but also to get your monthly goal done.

  8. Your Hexagon quilt is gorgeous, but then so are the others. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.


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