Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Counting on little pieces

After finishing all the 365 Challenge blocks for the month of April, I took a break from it for a little bit. Just long enough to have some fun hauling logs for my cabin, lol.

It's nice to change the pace with a different project every now and again. Now that I am refreshed, I am back with the challenge and started a new month.

May started beautifully with a basket (36 pieces)

Silver Maple (24 pieces)

Ladies Aid (20 pieces) not in love with my choice of fabrics here, but it might stay.

London Roads (29 pieces)

Rhode Island (33 pieces)

Country Farm (28 pieces)

Swamp Angel (25 pieces)
Ooops! Not this one. This is my own creation. lol

This is the real Swamp Angel with a "swamp" in the middle. :^D

The first week of May is done. I used a total of 195 pieces to make 7 blocks.  They aren't that complicated to do but they do consume a lot of time. Still, I love this project and don't regret starting it.

Since we started with little 3.5 inches blocks back in January, the container I chose to house the little blocks is not very big.

It was 3/4 full and I had to do something.  Something like this.

Oh! I like it! I didn't follow the original layout as it takes forever to locate each block and beside, I didn't want two same fabrics too close to each other. So ... Ta-Da!

This one strangely looks like the "Westering Women" Block for June which I'll be sewing today along with this adorable little (6.5) one.

All prepped and waiting for me to sit and sew. I was counting on the little pieces left over from the blocks made this week to complete this one named  Flower Garden Path block.

Until next time...

Joining Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.




  1. WOW!! I don't think I want to know about this 365 challenge. All those blocks? All those pieces? EGAD!! Yours are beautiful! Thanks for giving me a heads up!!

  2. It's gorgeous, Chantal! Absolutely gorgeous!
    I need to do that with my blocks, too. I can see where it would really help us feel like we're getting somewhere with this, yes?
    (I had a couple of 'swamp angel' blocks, too, that I had to disassemble and correct!)

  3. Et bien ! Tu travailles hyper bien et tes blocs sont magnifiques !! Bravo pour cette effervescence et continue ainsi chère Chantal ! :)
    Bisettes !

  4. I can't believe how many little pieces were in those blocks! You must have the patience of Job. LOL

  5. Oh Chantelle: This is so very beautiful...all of it.

  6. Fantastic - it all looks so wonderful together!

  7. love seeing your 365 progress...i have about 8 blocks to do to get current, so in the next week or so...i also assembled my dark border...i went scrappy so it's well scrappy, but i love yours too! you can see it at


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