Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Logging on a full moon

It such a rare event that every news channel is talking about it. June's full moon is on the night of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. I guess we can call it the Solstice Moon. Oh! What a good name for a quilt. (wink!)

Anywho! I was logging like a lunatic yesterday.  Felling all those trees, trimming and cutting and ... lol.

Not that kind of logging. Mine was a whole lot more fun than that! ;^)  Here's some tiny little logs. 

Here's where the logs are stored until I built them into a "wall".  Yep, these are cookie trays from commercial cookie packaging.
I tried the plastic bags to store the pieces while doing Shakespeare in the Park and got tired of opening the bags all the time. So I am back to my old trick: cookie trays.

Different trays have different jobs. Some are perfect for bias tape. 

And of course, knickknacks galore. With four men in the house, I do a lot of cooking but sometimes, store bought snacks are a nice break. And if I buy it, I will use it. But I am digressing. Back to the cabin.

A cabin in progress. Some of these pieces are 3/4 of an inch. Since I started the 365 Challenge, I love things on a different scale. lol. 

Here's four cabins together.
It is a pattern by Judy Martin called the "Shoreline". I love her quilts and her patterns are so well made. Not only does she write the sizes of the pieces (duh! of course!) but the order in which it should be pieced AND which way to press each piece. Love that!!  It is so easy to follow.

Will I be logging again today? That will depend on this little guy.

This is to be expected when working in the forest, hauling logs, right? lol
But I'll keep that for another post. :)<

Joining Julie at JulieKQuilts for Log Cabin Lunacy. Hope to see you there too.

Until next time ...



  1. That's a different take on the log cabin block. I like where it's going!

  2. What an interesting variation! It's lovely! Is that a skunk in your garden? What will you do with it? Besides trying to keep out of range that is.

  3. That's a great beginning for your log cabin blocks. It's going to create a fantastic secondary pattern. I'm going to have to watch and see what happens.

  4. What a neat pattern! I'm so curious to see more and see what develops!

  5. Your cabins are gorgeous - what a brilliant design. Love the use of the cookie trays! xx

  6. oh my goodness - have you lost your mind???? the cabins are just lovely and what a clever little design. So much of our packaging is really flimsy and would be no good but I do love the idea of using it for all those little things you need.... I hope there is no smells left on your logs by your visitor!

  7. That's a new to me variation on the log cabin block. Love it! But I don't like the looks of that skunk!

  8. I really like this pattern and the colors you have used!

  9. That's such an intriguing log cabin block. Great color way you are using.


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