Saturday, 4 June 2016

RSC = Aqua (like in swimming pool?)

Angela from Soscrappy chose Aqua for the colour of June. It's never been in my stash before but thanks to quilters who do ADD this colour to their gorgeous quilt, I fell in love with the colour and added it to my own repertoire.

But first, I have to finish the month of May. Last time, I forgot to show you my string blocks in green. All together now; SsssMilE!

Peace and Plenty in aqua is just so cooooooollll !! Love it.  A swimming pool would really be nice today as the weather is hot and sticky. Good time to just sit and stitch.

I was afraid the blue stars in the  background fabric wouldn't play nice with aqua but it works.

Joining Angela's party of Rainbows. Are you in?

I am also joining Chookyblue this weekend as she's having a sewing party. Virtually that is. I am not flying to Australia this weekend, lol. (but that would be sooooo nice, awwwhhh!) Anywho! Back to my sewing machine because ... my friends are waiting for me. :^)

Until next time ...    :)<



  1. All 5 of your blocks turned out great! You even managed to include some AQUA in with your GREEN String Blocks. LOL!! I guess you knew what was coming.

  2. I have been messing with a bunch of blues and not just the swimming pool blue. I need to get focused! Love your string blocks!

  3. All your blocks are very pretty. I have been sewing string blocks and it doesn't seem like the strings drawer is getting any emptier.

  4. You wouldn't want to be here right now! It is bucketing with rain, lots of evacuations just north and king tides smashing the coast. Stay virtual!! LOL.
    Lovely creations in your blocks.

  5. J'aime bien les étoiles avec ton bleu piscine et que dire sur le bloc avec les bandes.....j'adooore !

  6. Your Peace and Plenty block is super cooool. The black is the perfect touch. You stay cool too!

  7. your blocks are great... I find it hard to find collections of colours in my scraps - there is such an assortment. wouldnt it be nice to sew together in real?

  8. how cool would it be to fly to Australia for the
    hope you got lots of sewing done with us........

  9. oh and what country are you in.............

  10. I love the string blocks, and I'm crazy about your Peace and Plenty blocks - can't wait to see them all put together!

  11. Flying to Australia sounds like a great idea! Too bad for other commitments, and the price of the plane ticket! Love the cool blue block.


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