Monday, 6 June 2016

Chookyshed Sewing Party

This weekend, I've joined Chookyblue for a virtual sewing party. It was fun to sew, knowing that some friends, half way around the world, was doing the same thing. And now we get to see what all these friends worked on during the weekend. Whoohoo! More fun!

It was my youngest son's birthday. He'd turned 18 this weekend. Oh MY! It's officially a house full of grown ups now. Yikes!  (Nooooot!! They still behave like teenagers lol)

I managed, between errands, food, driving teenagers, cakes, food, cleaning, food, drinks (oh! wait, no, that was just me), to do some sewing. Here's what got done.

Three corners for the 365 Challenge medallion. You might notice that the last block is all HSTs. Didn't want to do mitered corners again. lol. HSTs make a lot of seams though, so it a pretty "bumpy" block. Oh well, ... so is life!

 Pre assembled parts of the borders, for the medallion, were sewn together

Not yet sewn together. I sure do like what I see. Oh yes, I got to finish the fourth corner and put this together. It is soooo encouraging to see the medallion like this. :^D

Also, two hexagon diamonds were attached to the Quilt of the Century, at the bottom.

Also did worked on some logs for the cabins .... but that's for another post. hehehe!

So I am linking back to Chookyblue. Hope to see you there too.
I am also joining Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making. 

Until then ... :)<



  1. It sure is fun knowing others around the world are all joining got lots of great sewing done... .

  2. Your blocks are lovely. I have friends doing that challenge too...amazing! Very nice sewing along with you x

  3. It was nice meeting you at "Chooks Party". A busy weekend for you.

  4. Tout d'abord bon et joyeux anniversaire à ton fils !! Pour nous les mamans, ça fait un choc !! :)
    Tes blocs sont supers et l'ensemble est extra !! Wow j'adore !!

  5. These blocks are so beautiful!

  6. Well done! Your blocks look beautiful and I love that medallion. Hurrah for progress!

  7. You did manage quite a bit then. I love the way your medallion is looking. xx

  8. congrats to being the mother of adults!!! haha they behave like teeenagers for ever I think!! loving your sewign of course


  9. Love your quilt of the century AND your medallion! wonderful!


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