Friday, 17 June 2016

Voilà!! I did it!!

I did it all! So happy! I did my OMG (one monthly goal). This afternoon, I finished cleaning and oiling the deck. During the weekend, it might get a coat of sealer or maybe next week. After diner, I finished all the last blocks of April for the 365 Challenge and June is not over yet! YES!! I am no longer 8 weeks behind but only 6 weeks now. Can I keep up ? Can I get even closer ? For now I just want to enjoy it. :^D

 Kansas Star - 45 pieces

 Blueberry Pie - 49 pieces (I really like this block. Maybe as RSC for next year? Yep, it could work.)

 Windmill - 44 pieces (not sure about this one. It might get another coat of colour before getting into the quilt. We'll see.)
And even the Old Maid is fixed. Okay, maybe not the best of fixes but I thought I had to "make do with what I have" and I did. (See last post for the beginning of this story.) I stitched all around after trimming it. I was afraid it would come apart before I have the chance to assemble it to the quilt.

And now for the stats of all those blocks done in the last few months.

January - 371 pieces
February - 570 pieces 
March - 496 pieces 
April -  853 pieces 

Total so far - 2290 pieces

The best is yet to come in this quilt as some blocks have a whole lot more pieces than those done so far. 

Next block is May first with a beautiful basket block. But first, a glass of wine to celebrate. It is important to celebrate our little victories. :^D

Joining Sarah for Can I get a whoop whoop?
Joining Angie for WIPs be Gone
Joining Heidi for OMG (One Monthly Goal)
Hope you will join us and see what victories other quilters are celebrating.

Until next time ...



  1. Ils sont magnifiques ! Wow! Tu as bien mérité ton verre de vin !

  2. Wow! Those blocks are impressive! Very nice.

  3. great blocks.. and already up to a great number of pieces!

  4. Hooray hooray!!! You did it! And real beauties, too!
    You're almost caught up to me - I'm only a week ahead of you at this point. We can do this, right?

  5. Well done you! And definitely a glass (or two) to celebrate. xx

  6. Fabulous blocks! Congratulations!

  7. Great blocks, congrats on catching some time! My favorite is the Old Maid, so yes, 'making do' worked beautifully! Blueberry Pie would be fun for RSC!


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