Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday's Sharing

It's raining here (again) and will be for the next 48 hours. Perfect weather for some stitching time.

Unfortunately, today I am not up to it. I am not up to much. I usually love days like this because I can turn the oven on and cook and bake til the cows come home, making the entire house smell sweet with lots of Fall's recipes. But not today. I just want to curl up on the sofa with a good book.

Anywho! Since I am in Blogland, I'll share what's on my wall with you.

Okay, so that was not much either. (Just like I feel, lol.)

The aqua pinwheels is the label for my RSC2015, which isn't quilted yet.
The framed 9-patch is an inspiration I got from Lynn Dykstra at Klein Meisje Quilts. She did a few quilts with blocks like: Shoo Fly, Pinwheels, Ship, Flying Geese. So I decided to make a 9-patch, my favourite. I did the block some time this past week but there was something wrong with it and I couldn't figure out what. So I went back to see Lynn's blog. Oh! yes! there it is. It is so obvious and yet I had forgotten about the values. So today I went back to the cutting board.

Ah! That's better. Much better, wouldn't you say? Since yellow is also the colour of the month, I sewed two more.

Yellow and orange. Yellow and hot pink. I don't have a lot of solids, but I have enough to make these simple blocks. I have to cut into the bigger scrap pieces to have enough for the frame. But scrap is scrap, right?

Then, I wanted to curl up on the sofa again with a flannel quilt, a good book and a herbal tea. My bones are really lazy today. Went to my library and picked up a book, grab a flannel quilt and read for a bit. I had nothing to keep my page when I was finish reading so I went down to the sewing.  I pieced a little bookmark with some of Joyful Quilter's scraps. I dug out a piece fabric (that I am jealously hoarding) from Cécile, in France at Patchwork Inspirations so I will  think of her too and a little something from my friend Pink.  It is sewn unto a piece of flannel (which I really love to touch) in a string stitching manner. Some fancy stitches all around and that's it. Went back up and slid it in the book.  Then we all headed out for dinner. :^D

That's all the fabrics fondling I did today. Hope tomorrow will be more productive.

Until next time ...


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  1. Hope you're feeling more energetic tomorrow!! Love those little nine-patches, though!

  2. So fun to read this!! I am also working on a framed 9-patch in this series!

  3. Oh toi, quelque chose me dit que tu n'as pas le moral..... moi aussi je pense souvent à toi ! Et tu vois, il pleut et vente aujourd'hui alors j'ai fait une belle tarte aux pommes et du boeuf carottes pour ce midi ! J'aime cuisiner comme toi !
    Gros bisous chère Chantal....prends soin de toi ;)

  4. Very bold 9 patches! Love the colors. Hope your lazy day translates into more productivity today.

  5. We all have days like that! I love the little bookmark! Such a good idea!

  6. Enjoy a "day off". Everyone needs one once in a while. Love your 9 patch block. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  7. That's a lot getting done for one feeling poorly. Hope you are better soon.

  8. A scrappy bookmark is a great little project for a dreary day. I love to read and the thought of you having a little piece of fabric from my scraps in your book makes me SEW happy!!

  9. Great little bookmark! I may steal that for gifts for my quilt group. I've been unable to settle into a project during our rainy spell. I think it's because I have a wallhanging that I'm putting off quilting because the motif I want to use is challenging. Also trying to get ready for a quilt retreat.

  10. Well fondled! I love your nine patches, and that bookmark is such a sweet idea.
    I hope you can another day cuddled up with a quilt and a book!

  11. Nice. I understand how you feel. Bookmark is gorgeous...enjoy.


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