Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tuesday Archives

Sharon, from Vroomans Quilts, participate in the Tuesday Archives, organised by Val from Val's Quilting Studio.  It sounds like fun so I decided to participate. Since the link is open for three days, I am not too late for this week linky party.

Since Angela chose Orange and Yellow for the month of October, I want to present to you L'Orange Noir. (the Black Orange) This quilt was done in 2007. It is pre-blogging history.

Pictured in a magazine, a very old make-do quilt with lots of pink and everything else under the sun. It had a stripy design with HSTs on both sides. I loved to hate it because the pink was all wrong. Most of the time the pink HSTs were on the right side (with the pink strips) and sometimes they were facing the other fabric and it was annoying this OCD little girl to no end.

I decided to make myself one ... with the HSTs facing the right side.  As you can see with the wiggly rainbow waves, I didn't do much better. Didn't even bother to turn the fabric so ALL the lines were horizontal lol.

Hey look! It's the M&M gang with their cars! 

The black fabrics were hand quilted on diagonal towards the right with the M&M to the left.

The Orange section have big circles. Hope you can see them.

Compared to the new basket I have made with the same fabric, you can see the quilt has faded a little bit but it is holding pretty good. It is not big (44 X 33 ") so it was easy for the boys to carry it around. One would sit on it and the other one would pull. All was fun until the water work started because "the wall hit my head" kind of accident. 

The back is another oldie in flannel. We used to call them Smiley Face babies; now they are called the Emoji babies. 

Hope you have enjoyed my first try at Tuesday Archives. If you want to see more, hop over to Val's Quilting Studio and see who else is reminiscing either with an old post or a pre-blog quilt. Val has a giveaway this week. 

Until next time ... 


P.S. Please do not expect two posts in one day again because it has tired me out but had to try it at least once in my life.  (^:

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Lin said...

Looks like a fun quilt. xx