Saturday, 1 October 2016

Sunrise October

Ironically, this morning it is overcast with chances of rain, but at Soscrappy, it is Sunrise October and I'll got with that! :^D

I did some sewing last night and moved a thing or two along. 

Since Orange is part of the monthly colour, let me start by showing you my baby quilt. From this ... 

To this morning. 

I only have a meter of the grey so I have to be careful and plan it well. Maybe some yellow under the orange? Or lime? I'll play with these ideas as I do the laundry today. 

As most of you know, my RSC2016 Peace and Plenty is assembled and waiting for a border or two. So, what's a girl to do during the last three months of the year? Start another one, of course! 

There's so many blocks I want to do ... this one was made as a leader / ender.

Look, it has red and gold, as last month colour. But that is soooo passé, right? lol. 

Also did this one. 

Gayle? I believe one has excaped. Lol! 
Oh look. I think it wants to help me with the laundry. I am sooooo keeping this one. 
(Seriously now. Gayle from Mangofeet has these cute Monkey blocks and I really like them and ... well, you can see by yourself right here. )
Can't remember how big hers are, but mine stands at 10.5 inches unfinished. 

Okay back to the picture.
Block # 2. 

Hopefully some orange ones will join these two blocks at some point during today. I still have many things to do for the Craft Sale. 

I also played a little bit with a cute messenger bag I got from Suebee's World. 
Before I start cutting this one, I took the measurements of all the pieces, so I can make more. :^D 

And then, there is this book which is, somehow, always under hand. It is a Judy Martin book!

Angie from A Quilting Reader's Garden made me an offer I just couldn't resist and this lovely book now resides with me. I want to make all the fantastic quilts from this book. Oh My!!!  Thank you, Angie!

Anywho! Today, you can find me at Angela's place, Soscrappy,  looking at all the lovely rainbows everyone's working on. Hope you will join us. 

On Sunday, I will be with Cynthia for Oh Scraps! at Quilting is More Fun than Housework. See you there. 

Until next time ... 



  1. Boy, are you busy this week! How do you keep track of all that you are making? Can't wait to see how that kit comes together...I think it came from Tuesday Morning and what a good idea to copy the pattern!

  2. LOVE how the baby quilt is coming along!! Sorry about Gayle's naughty monkey photo bombing your blog post. Good idea to trace off the bag pattern before you begin. I'll be looking forward to seeing how your bag turns out!

  3. Gosh, you have been busy. I want to start that book also!

  4. I could see blue in the chevron hst quilt :)

  5. Love the colors in your baby quilt. Lime would be a great addition. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. You never know about those monkeys! They have taken over my life too! Have fun trying something new out of your new book. That is always so tempting!

  7. The baby quilt is looking great, love the bold colors there. The monkey block is fun, but so is the star. Looking forward to seeing more of both next year during the scrap challenge.

  8. Did you say three months with nothing to do? You must be some creature from another planet masquerading as a quilter. Please tell us your secret.. You can always go on a buying binge and that will solve your problem, or make more cute monkeys.


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