Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Whatever Wednesday: October's Colours

Really? October?
I was driving around today and I was astonished by the lack of colours. Someone should tell Mother Nature which month it is because it sure doesn't look like October.

Around here, trees are starting to change early September. I got married at the end of September, when the trees had completely hauled their Fall coats on. It was so beautiful. This year, most trees are still green.

 Like those on the right side of this picture. What's with that? Let's zoom in on this picture for a moment.

The Ottawa River (la rivi√®re des Outaouais) is running through this picture and beyond is Quebec. Some trees are red but many are still green.  Most amazing of all is that ALL the trees have leaves. Strange.

This is a WIP tree, lol! It is working very slowly on progressing towards Fall but it's shy about changing in front of everyone, lol.

Some have never recovered from the Ice Storm of 1998. (eighteen years ago.) The branches of this tree are growing on top of the trunk as it is forever bent.

This is a typical end-of-September-early-October picture in my region. I think it is so beautiful.

My favourite dirt road. Someone ran out of orange and red ink.

Okay so this is where I live. What? What do you mean you can't see the village? Come closer.

I apologise to the people who live in the south and don't have winters as I wanted to show pictures of Fall, but it looks like it hasn't reached my town yet, lol. 

Main drag, somewhere, Canada. (again green trees. I did took these pictures this afternoon. Honest!) What a beautiful day this is.

Love the paint job on this tree. Like raspberry and lime swirls. Hmmm.... great colours for a quilt. Hehehe!

Here we are; home! My own backyard isn't as orange as it should be. The rudbeckia flowers around the clothesline post are all gone because they know September has passed. The forest is still undecided. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that it still look like Summer. I only hope that Fall won't embellished the landscape and be all gone within 48 hours, you know I mean. I would like to enjoy Fall as much as I have enjoyed Summer. I am sad when people say they don't believe in global warming; I see its fingerprints. (O_O)

Until next time ....


P.S. this post is solely meant as a record keeping of this unusual Fall we are having.


  1. hopefully the colours come soon and you share again......I love seeing the autumn colours.

  2. It is lovely seeing the changing colours.... and it is amazing. The weather all over the world seems a bit odd but glad you are enjoying the warmth...

  3. I'll be in a week or two, you'll have wonderful fall colors! Thanks for sharing!

  4. En France aussi, l'Automne est en retard ! Depuis seulement cette semaine nous avons des températures froides et de la neige en montagne....
    Merci pour ces belles photos Chantal ! C'est joli par chez toi !

  5. Well, great pictures even if the colours are not what you want. The trees are starting to change here but after the dry summer many of the leaves were dead any way. I know what you mean though - autumn colour is so beautiful you don't want it over and done with too quickly. xx

  6. You live in a beautiful part of the world. I so enjoyed seeing your photo's. Fall seems to be a bit faster here in New Hampshire. We went driving this weekend to look at all the lovely colors and it did not disappoint. Fall is like a magical two weeks where you can hardly believe the colors some trees turn to. Awe inspiring!

  7. I'm currently far enough south that leaf-change is a long way off yet. I love watching the colors appear, so I hope it's not completely over with by the time I get back home.

  8. ha, I like your style. I lived in Edmonton ALTA for a couple years. Love Canada. It's just beginning to turn colorful around here now, around Wash. DC
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color


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