Thursday, 20 October 2016

Whatever Wednesday ... on Thursday

Last week I shared some pictures of my neighbourhood dressed in Autumn's colours. Let's see how it has progressed.

Over the weekend, I took pictures of my backyard again to compare with those of last Wednesday

Still pretty green but it is more colourful. Note my bush (don't know the name of it, sorry) on the left side, still has red leaves.

Yesterday, I had an appointment in town and brought the camera with me. Let's ride!

This could be really nice if the panels weren't included.  I am not a very good photographer as the camera is not a medium I use to express myself. I much prefer colouring crayons, paint and fabric. :^D

These two are pretty good considering I didn't stop to snap them.  (I was going very slow. After all, there deer in these woods)

Private entrance but oh! so inviting.

We are almost there ....

Here we are, back on top of the hill overlooking Quebec. Plenty of orange this week. Let's get closer.

The trees have lots of leaves even though it was a very windy Tuesday.

It's like the forest is on fire ... without the smoke!

This is one from last week's outing. Nice difference.
This caught my eye this week. It didn't last week. Love it.

How about these two? The odd couple, or what?

And next to them is the little shy one from last week. It still hasn't finished its chores.  (The maple in front of the pines closest to the road.)
Half dried, half changed, one tree.
And my hometown. Main drag, somewhere, Canada.

This morning, I took more pictures of my backyard to see the difference a few days can make.
From left   (Personal note; cut the rudbeckia and the hostas! aka plantain lilies)

to right. Gorgeous!!

Horse track getting covered in leaves.

The bush in the middle of the picture has shed all its leaves on Tuesday. Only the "fruits" remain.
This huge birch is the one from the first picture. Not so green anymore. (the dead branches in the forefront are from the pine tree we cut down this summer. They are ready for the wood stove now.)

That was my neighbourhood in colour.

Next post will be completely devoted to quilty stuff, I promise.

Until then ...



  1. I love fall and all the beautiful colors! Thanks for sharing all of the Quebec beauty with us!

  2. How lovely to see the changes - and in such a short time too!

  3. gorgeous!! fall is my favorite color :)

  4. Amazing the difference a week makes! Lovely colours. Our trees are mostly evergreen, but once in a while in amongst the greenery there will be a deciduous tree.


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