Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A Collection of Mishmash Fabrics

In January, I joined my friends Cécile et Béa, in a log cabin quilt-a-long. The participants could chose any type of log cabin and every colours were accepted. One has to make 8 blocks in a month with the big reveal in March. Well, wouldn't you know that I didn't make the 8 little blocks in January.

I had to finish them this morning, February 1st. Not much was left to be done but it's still a "no cigar" finish. Being stuck in appointments that took longer than expected (and burned up most of my energy) on Monday and Tuesday, the little logs were left on the cutting table, waiting for me to show up and sew.

This being said, it is no excuse for my lack of preparation through out the month. I want to sincerely apologize to my friends from "outre-mer" for letting them wait so long for my post. I am sorry. That was very inconsiderate of me.

A hodge podge, a jumble, or a variety of fabrics have to come together to make my log cabins blocks. From polka-dots to plaids, from repro to modern and even some kids fabrics, all were called in to participate in the building of these cabins.

I want fabrics that talk to me, fabrics that came from friends, or that I won, or bought with a gift certificate. In other words, meaningful fabrics were used here.

Some came all the way from France, some came 90 minutes away from here.

Some show what I love; sunflowers, orange geo, birds, Scandinavian chickens. These little fabrics represent so many friends. In the left block, the hovering bird is a French General piece won in a "leftover scraps giveaway" that Randy so generous gave.

When I got the parcel in the mail, I was excited and so curious, I just had to open the package right away. Randy does know how to seal a package so no pieces get lost. I was only able to have a peek at the loot.

Here they all are after I got my hands on a pair of scissors. I was surprised at how much there was. Thank you so much Randy. I am more than please with the BIG leftover pieces. (No, these are not just little pieces, believe me.) Very generous. Thank you. :^D

Okay back to the log cabin.

For my design, some blocks need to be completely white ... uhmm ... neutral? Again, dots, birds, dogs, metallic, repro, whatever my fancy is, in it goes.

If you haven't spotted the fabrics you gave me, do not despair as I have 8 more blocks to construct for next month.

Don't forget to click the links because so many participants have wonderful blocks and some interesting layouts. Here are the links again :

Cécile at Patchwork Inspirations for the traditional log cabins
Béa at Une aiguille dans une botte de foin for the modern log cabins
Go check it out.

I'll also share with Sarah for "Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?" because I am glad they are done. :^D

Until next time ... I'll be logging.



  1. Chantal, I love your little late log cabins! ADORABLE!
    And I'm tickled that I was able to contribute in some small way to the special nature of your fabrics!!
    Keep on loggin!!

  2. Your log cabin blocks will make a memorable quilt. I love best the quilts made from scraps and leftover bits of projects made for family and loved ones. They really are the best!

  3. Nothing better than a scrappy log cabin! Looking good. Don't be so hard on yourself. We quilt for fun - you will catch up!

  4. Good job so far ! Don't worry. You will catch up soon !

  5. Surtout ma chère Chantal, ne sois pas inquiète de ton retard ! Je sais que tu es très occupée ....malgré tout j'adore tes scrappy blocs !
    Ils sont magnifiques et je te remercie de ton post ! :)
    Gros xoxoxo

  6. I like your low volume blocks and the scrappy ones too! have fun and don't feel pressured, you'll be caught up soon.

  7. your blocks look great.....

  8. Those are my kind of scrappy blocks! I love the variety of fabrics you're using. Perfect log cabins!


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