Saturday, 11 February 2017

My Own Rainbow Scrap Challenge's Challenge

(Hope the title makes sense to you, if not, blame my French roots. :^D )

Back in January I forgot to show you the fabrics I decided to use in my RSC2017.

Last year, in an effort to use up some older fabrics from my stash, I had picked a stars on white fabric and a black M&M fabric. I was very happy with the end result.

Peace and Plenty is assembled and awaits border(s?). Ideas are still brewing for this one.

With such a good outcome last year, I decided to do it again this year. These are the fabrics I will be using. I might have to add one or two during the year. We'll see.

The "wannabe plaid" in blue is from 18 years ago or so. I did a short and shirt ensemble for my oldest son when he was 3 or 4 years old. Still have the shirt fabric too but not enough to use in such a challenge. Since it is 100% cotton, it's in!

The dark "fugly" (as Dasha calls them), at the forefront, came from a scrap bag bought in a store a while back. I don't have a lot but enough for a few blocks. The red and green fabric and the cherry one have been in the stash so long I don't remember where they came from. It's time for them to go too. All in RSC#3. I know they don't go together very nicely but if my plan works like in my mind (fingers crossed), they will play nice in the end. The solid yellow in the background is the constant in the RSC#3.

The grey piece is the background fabric for my RSC#2.

Now this being said, lets move on to this past week when I worked on February's color which is
Sea Green. 

RSC#1 Hole in the Barn Door

I don't have a solid Sea Green or anything that could qualify for such a description so I opted for one which almost read solid.

RSC#2 Hourglass won't sparkle with Aqua, Turquoise and the likes as I need some specific colors for this quilt. Sorry.

RSC#3 Buckwheat
I have to admit the fugly one looks darn good here.

And somehow, a RSC#4 was started without my consent. lol. (Yeah! Sure! Don't we all know how it starts??!!)  It will be a long term quilt as I won't do all the pieces needed this year. Here's what I got done in purple.
This is the extend of my purple stash. Each and every one of my purple fabric is represented here. Will have to buy more ... some day. :^D  I am hunting down the sea green fabric to add to these.

Earlier this morning, I manage to find Aqua and Sea-foam green who were happy to participate in this new quilt.

There! Now that I am all organized, the RSC 2017, in four chapters, will be a breeze. (So she says, lol!)

Until next time ... stitch, stitch, stitch away.


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  1. (Heehee... I think you've been hanging out with me too long!)
    Excellent choices for blocks, and I like your use of constant fabrics. It'll be fun watching you make these this year. And four RSC projects is perfectly normal. Skimpy, even...

  2. Four rainbow projects! You are going to be busy! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with your fabric selection.

  3. Great projects, but I particularly love the little scraps mixed with sea green for your hole in the barn door block. Looking forward to watching your progress!

  4. Given the fabric selection, I was skeptical. The result of that first RSC#3 is remarkable. This may really work!! Cut it small enough and it just color. :o))
    Your Hole in the Barn Door block is trying to win me over, but I will NOT start another RSC project this year. No matter how hard it tries to convince me otherwise!! :P

  5. Four RSC challenges! Wow - you are in for a lot of sewing. That sounds like fun. Like all of them.

  6. Isn't it wonderful to have a different project to work on each week? Love the scrappiness of the Hole in the Barn Door.

  7. I love the Hole in the Barn Door block with little scraps along the sides! So fun! I don't think 4 projects is too many, because you just never know where they might lead you!

  8. Hi Chantal. Some interesting choices there. I like your fugly - but then I usually like Dasha's fuglies too! Your aqua blocks look good. xx

  9. Those challenges should keep you hopping this year! My favorite is the Hole in the Barn Door, using more scraps for the strip part of it-genious!

  10. I think the motto for RSC has changed to the person with the most projects wins. And I usually start my favorite ones around November.

  11. What fun RSC projects! I especially like the scrappy Hole in the Barn door one!

  12. I like your choice of blocks for the year. Way to go working in that older stash. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  13. You really got organized and focused with your fabrics. A good way to meet goals. I'm at four right now, plus some Project Linus quilts. Love your Hole blocks. They really use up scraps. Have a good time stitching this week.

  14. Using up old stash? Good for you. Hope it all works out like that plan in your mind! so far so good!

  15. Loving the Hole in the Barn Door block - a great one for using scraps! Thanks for linking up with #scraptastictuesday


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