Friday, 3 February 2017

OMG February

I didn't do so well with my January OMG.  :^{  

The ideas and inspirations took too much of my time and then I was "absorbed" into another quilt. The design was finally decided and it is only a matter of STARTING it now. The first step is sometimes the hardest.
 So, I have put that project on the back burner for the moment as, once again, Plan B has showed up.

My goal for February is to have all the blocks done for two different tops. Is that too much?  In 28 days?

The first one is the BOM Westering Women. The main reason for this is that I need the fabrics. I mean, I usually set aside in a basket or box, the fabrics I intend to use on a project so I don't use them all up on something else. 
projects under the quilting frame
Unfortunately, this method does restrict me.  Sometimes, I forget about a certain fabric and miss using a bit in a great block and sometimes I'll look for hours for it before remembering it's in the restricted zone for another project. :^{ 

There's a lot of fabric here. The basket is more than half full and it measures 24 X 14 X 10 inches deep. AND it's starting to be a mess in there. 

Since the blocks from January to June were made, I need to finish July to December.  I 've kept all the patterns on my computer so I can tackle this BOM anytime. Some blocks have lots of Y-seams or inset seams. Either way you call this, it is still "Yuck" to me. I might have to "reform" some of the units on certain blocks.
January to June blocks in no particular order

The second project is for a new quilt. Yes, I want to make a quilt for a little 17 month old boy. :^)  This means I am starting ( ) another project. (at your discretion, you may insert "yet again" in the blank space.)

I would like something FAST but FUN. I am thinking an I-SPY kind of quilt. I am very inspired by Sarah's quilt  seen here.

The cutting has started.

The stars will be a calm yellow.

Now I am not crazy and yes, I do need to sleep, so my goal is to only make the blocks. If I get beyond that, it'll be a bonus but 28 days can go by so fast.

Linking up with Patty at Elms Street Quilts for OMG! 

Until next time ... I spy with my little eye ...



  1. I spent quite a bit of time myself looking for a piece of fabric that I knew I had kept to use on a specific quilt. Box after box I just kept looking. I had to have this fabric to finish off the many blocks I had already started. I was so happy when finally the fabric was found. I would like to say that I just LOVE your header picture. I love the quilt and all the decor surrounding it. It is beautiful.

  2. Instead of "yet again" I'm calling my squirrels "opportunity quilts" and who can pass up an opportunity!? Besides I-Spy quilts are just so much fun to make!

  3. I think you might be just a bit crazy but heh, who cares! Good luck with your blocks Chantal...I guess you have 25 days left now l.o.l.

  4. I really like the design for the new quilt. I am bookmarking it for me to make later. Thank you very much!

    I didn't achieve my January goal - but hey - they are still here for me to finish in February. :) Westering Women is from my January goal and I didn't even touch it....

  5. Love the blocks you've done so far. Thanks for linking up to Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  6. I do exactly the same thing with projects and fabric. I am now realizing that I better get the projects done so I can use the fabrics for other things. You will be busy this month. Good luck.

  7. Oh gosh, I do the same. I think it's fair enough to start new projects.... you have been working hard on others...

  8. that's how i spent my january, putting all those sew along projects into flimsies...westering women was will be a lap robe for charity...nearly done and gone!


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