Monday, 20 February 2017

The best of plans can change

My February OMG is to make all the blocks for an I-Spy quilt and to make the missing Westering Women blocks.  Although I am trying my best to stay on track, I found myself derailing this weekend.  The reason? The weather! 

It is so nice and sunny, I can't stay in the basement sewing. I am almost tempted to bring my sewing machine outside. I would have to sew with my sunglasses on because it is THAT bright out there. Unfortunately, my sunglasses only have the "far away" prescription and not the "reading" one. So I can't sew with them. Darn! 

Anywho! I did manage to finish the log cabin blocks for Cécile QAL. I will dedicate a post entirely to them later. 

While sewing the log cabin, I did finish some of the Westering Women blocks. 

July and August, which you have already seen, and  

October (on top), November and December with a snowy sky look.  As you can see September is still missing. It got me cursing! 

 As sewing in-set seams or Y seams, is not my forte, my first attempt was wonky. Then I thought it needed to have the seam allowances added to the pattern because the units were too small to finish at 12 inches. So, I thought if I have to start over, might as well do it in the English Paper Piecing style. Did one (almost) (at left) before I realized that the pattern also calls for a plain piece in between the sage buds, like the Bear Paws (November) in the last picture.  (!@$$%*@#$!!) (Sorry!)  Starting over again!! I saw a few ... okay, many Westering Women quilts finished. I saw one that had 11 blocks. Guess which block was missing?  I can sooo relate!! Anywho! Wasn't born a quitter but a kicker, so on we go! (Did my little exasperation dance but I am fine now. I can calmly carry on.)  :^D

All the while, my leader / ender was the I-Spy quilt. Did more cutting than sewing on this one. 

It is time consuming to get the fabric out, cut ONE five inches square and put the fabric back on the shelf. Start again with next fabric. Once I get to just sewing it, it will surely go pretty fast ... I hope so because February is almost over. Yikes!  

The cherry on top of all this is that I am back at work. Since it is a progressive return to work, I still have some time to sew. I'm tired and happy! But it sure feels good to be back at work.  :^D 

Okay, got to go. My sunglasses are calling me. 

Until next time ... I'll be looking up because it is brighter up there. 


Joining Beth at Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making


  1. Hi Chantal: It's really sunny here, also. I'm not going to get my Feb goal finished because I ran into a big problem with it and I don't have the time to rip it apart as I will not be home, oh well. At least you are getting some sewing done, and it's great that you are going back to work.

  2. You are making good progress! I too have been trying to spend a bit of time outside with the dogs. It has been glorious!!

    I have been working on my Westering Women blocks yesterday and today and only had one minor problem. Of course, I haven't yet got to the troublemaker you are working on. Something to look forward to I guess! ;)

  3. I think about sewing outside once in a while but feel I would have to take too much stuff out with me.

  4. It has been glorious here as well but it's going to fall into the 30s by the weekend so enjoy the sun while you can. Your post gave me a chuckle today. By the way, what is the name of the beautiful quilt pattern at the top of your page in the header? It is a beauty and I love curves!

    1. Hello, Anonymous. Since you are a noreply-comment, I will answer your question here in the hope that you might come back to read it. The pattern is called Rose Dream or Endless Chain. Glad to hear I got a chuckle out of you. ;^)

  5. We had a couple of days in the 60s, but not quite warm enough to sew outside! Today it's cold again...
    Shame on September for trying to kick your butt!

  6. Ne t'inquiètes pas, moi aussi je n'ai toujours pas terminé le Westering faudrait pourtant que je m'y mette !
    Néanmoins, tes blocs sont très beaux !
    Bonne couture Chantal :)

  7. Glad to see you are persevering!! xx

  8. Great sewing and well done for persevering..... It's good to be happy to be back at work - I hadn't realised you were taking a break...


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