Monday, 6 February 2017

Monday's Promises and Y Seams

Boy, am I proud of my work this week? YES m'am!

Sometimes we don't do much; sometimes we sew up a storm. Well, I did one better: I tackled one of my fears! (\O_ O/)

Let's see.
The Westering Women made it to June on their journey. Then they stopped in Nebraska for a very long time. Well, it's time to get them going again. This weekend, I gathered them back together with the basket of fabrics and started to cut the block for July. It was an easy block.

Courthouse Rock.

Then I cut the fabrics for the August's block; the dreaded Chimney Rock with the Y seams!!

My first plan was to cut the pattern up in order to eliminate all those Y seams but I thought if I want to learn I need to practice. Right? So ...

Armed with patience and much apprehension, I sat at my sewing machine, then I stopped.

I turned the computer on and started to google a few videos.

Needless to say I have wasted a good hour on that ... but did find what I was looking for. (along with a whole lot more not relevant to quilts!)

Now better armed with patience, less apprehension and an undeniably  great technique, I started to assemble the Chimney Rock.

I truly surprised myself. No cursing, swearing, frustration and no sense of failure in any of the 12.5 inches of this block. I am so proud of myself. Best bonus; it lays flat. Flat like a pancake! In the beginning of the year, we had to make a Gumtree leaf block. (Can't remember which month, but anywho!) I made it with the usual method of sewing Y seams as it is explain in all the books I have.

My block looks like this. It is a very good effort but just an effort nonetheless.  I hope the quilting will tame these "bubbles" in the middle as it doesn't lay flat at all.
With the new (to me) method, I can even show you the back of Chimney Rock with no worries. Not going to do that with the Gumtree block. :^{

Yay! me. Will I redo the Gumtree leaf? Don't know yet.

The tutorial I found is from Kaye Wood. Her technique goes against all technique I have seen, read and hear on how to sew Y seams. If you are interested, you can see Kaye Wood's tutorial here. 
Not sure how that method works when you have rows upon rows of tumbling blocks but for this block, it worked like a charm.

Here are the two newest blocks. The Westering ladies are now in Wyoming and are closer to their goals and so am I. Only four more blocks to go to finish Westering Women BOM. The block for September is also full of Y seams, so I'll put the new technique through another test this week.

Last week, I also squared up some blocks and started to assemble the border  ...
... on the 365 Challenge.
The right border is all done and the left is slowly getting there too.
It will be nice when all the borders are attached and I can get my floor back. The borders are one foot each so it is growing big real fast. I barely have enough room to tiptoe around it. It is now spread for the picture but when you are not looking, it is folded up somewhat.

These are the things that will keep me busy this week. What about your week? Care to share with us? Join us at :

Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making

Em's Scrapbag for Moving it Forward 

Chances are you will be inspired.

Until next time ....  y seams await their faith!



  1. Your y-seam block looks great, I'll have to try that method. Y seams are not my favorite, but like you, I'll only get better with practice. Your Westering Women project is really coming along nicely.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tutorial link, I'm off to check it out. Your Westering Women blocks are looking great, as is your 365 Challenge quilt. You've had a super productive week.

  3. Great job on challenging yourself and overcoming your fears. You did a great job with the y-seams and your block looks great!

    You really are making good progress with your 365 challenge quilt.

  4. I am real impressed with those that kept up with the 365. Look forward to seeing your finish!

  5. You do very well with your pieced blocks.

  6. You've been working hard, Chantal! I'm so impressed with your Y seam block! That is something I haven't tackled yet. I just had to tell you that there really is a Courthouse Rock in Nebraska! We used to drive right by it when we went to visit our son who went to college in Nebraska. Right next door to it is Jail Rock! :)

  7. I tried Y seams for the first time last year and was surprised how much easier they are than I thought. Your 365 days quilt is looking good...

  8. Good for you! I'll have to try this technique. I've been using Mary Huey's y-seam technique for my Glitter blocks, which have some truly stupefying y-seams... I'll try Kaye Woods' and compare. (I swear, I've tried every single y-seam idea I've come across over the years. So many that by now I can't even remember what I've tried and what I haven't!)

  9. Isn't it great that you have mastered Y seams...I haven't attempted them yet.

  10. Your blocks look great - glad you have found a tecnique you like for your y seams. 365 is looking very good too. xx

  11. Tes blocs du WW sont supers beaux ! J'ai encore les 2 derniers à réaliser... merci pour la vidéo ! J'adore et cela m'a vraiment éclairée sur certains points de couture !
    Allez, je pense bien à toi aujourd'hui ! Gros bisous !

  12. Wow, you really had a productive week. Congratulations on those Y-seams. You did an excellent job and added more skills to your arsenal. Your blocks are beautiful.


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