Sunday, 10 August 2014

And she's off

quilting the miles away at a very slow pace. (I think I've been watching too much horse racing.)

I've had many comments and ideas from my last post and I am so happy for all of them. Thank you. Now it is with confidence that I am quilting my Antique Inspiration. (Worst case scenario: I'll have a lot of unpicking to do ha! ha!)

Last evening, I've started with no hoop and was doing diagonal lines in the squares only. It was very disturbing to have the quilt move around every which way while I quilted it.  So I did some digging and it took a while (it was packed for the move) before I found my hoop. Then I looked at the piece and was not happy with the lines (first, they were not straight, second they were too big) so started the reverse stitching process. And now, I'm off to a better start ... I think.  The squares finish at one inch and half so I decided not to respect the 1/4 inch but I will outlined them with a tighter 1/8 inch and make my stitches as small as I can just to stay in the miniature state of mind.

After each block is done, I will remove the machine stitching in the ditch that I had obviously done but can't remember. I didn't even had a walking foot back them. ANYway! The ditch stitching doesn't work here in my opinion. So off it is.

Here's a picture of the flower with leaves quilted in the negative spaces.

I will join Kathy and all her friends on a Slow Sunday Stitching.

Until next time... SMiLE ... and off you go.


  1. Very impressive hand stitching Chantal. I love the flowers in the negative space.

  2. que bonito trabajo, felicitaciones!!!!

  3. Love the flower in the negative space. Such tiny stitches you make - I can only wish to be there some day.

  4. This looks like it's going be really nice, Chantal. I'm glad you've decided on your approach! Sometimes the decisions are the biggest delay, in my experience!

  5. I can't hand quilt without a hoop either. I know there are some that can't quilt with a hoop. I guess we all need to find our own way. Your quilt looks wonderful, I think you made some great choices! Looking forward to your progress

  6. aaah.... lovely.. sometimes deciding what to do is the hard part...

  7. Cute project! Happy stitching to you.

  8. I need my hoop, too. ;-) Your stitching looks fabulous! It's going to be a beautiful quilt when done!

  9. I really like the flower motif in your quilting.

  10. Your hand quilting looks quite pretty. I use a hoop when hand quilting also. I can never seem to get a consistent straight line otherwise.


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