Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday's Option

This week, I don't have an option. I just HAVE to redo it. No options!!

I will try to keep up with the Marcus Designer Sew- Along which started August first and I am already in hot water. Ha! ha! ha!
I followed the instruction but obviously messed up somewhere because...

it doesn't measure 9 inches!
I've cut off the cheddar triangles,
plus the black and green are not working very well together nor are the black and blue. So I have no options but to redo it. (In real life, the black and blue blends more than on the picture which was taken in full sunlight.)
And the second block is already out and I am still on block one. Oh yes, that looks so promising Ha! ha! ha!

I will not waste my humility block though. As you can see it is sitting on a little piece of batting and it will become ... a mug rug.
So this is my Monday night. Hope you find some time for sewing too.

Until next time... sssSSSMiLe ! ... it remains an option.


  1. Sorry your block was off ... hope you have better luck on your second try.

  2. Such a great block - even though it isn't perfect, I am glad you will still find a way to use it. I would love to join the sew-along but I have a goal that I need to work toward.

  3. I love the way you call it a humility block... and that you will still use it!


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