Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hello Mr. Postman

I am on vacation this week. Whoopy! Every time I plan some activities to do during my vacation, it falls apart.  I didn't plan anything this time around. Wow! No stress and no disappointment. Feels like those vacations when I was a kid and the grownups dealt with everything and all I had to do was have fun!! You know ... real vacation LOL.

Anyway, I got on the net because I received a squishy envelope in the mail yesterday. I need to share this with you.  Hope you don't mind.

A sweet blue batik fat quarter and some little hexagon from Audrey at Glory Be Quilter.  Thank you! Thank you! Audrey.  I LOVE it. Check out her blog if you have a few minutes. She does such BEAAAUUUTIFUL work. Hmmm!

While I'm on the net, why don't I show you a few things.

I have planted an entire package of Sunflower's seeds.  No, not the kind we eat but the kind to sow.  Out of the entire package, (which was maybe 12 to 15 seeds) all I've got out are these four plants.
So not impressed! Since I started the seeding in the house, I know the birds had nothing to do with this pitiful outcome.

The first one doesn't have flowers yet and the tallest one comes to my waist. The flower still fit inside my hand. Such puny little things. Is there such a thing as miniature sunflowers?

This is the smallest one, which was the first flower to come out, it's blinking.  It didn't open up all the way. It looks so whimsical. Poor birds! They won't survive winter with this crop.

My beautiful ivy going all the way to the roof and covering part of the balcony on the second floor.

I had a little visitor this morning. It doesn't stop for pictures, believe me. Oh! that was hilarious.

How about some cookies? A cup of tea with that? No problem! Coming right up.

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it's no brain work.


  1. Happy Vaca week to you Chantal! How fun to get happy mail :) Wish I could offer advice on the sunflowers but we haven't tried growing them in our climate... nice to plant them for winter eating for the birds though... we also feed our birds in the winter! Even in florida some food is scarce when it is cooler than normal :)

    Have a great week off! Kathi

  2. Squishies in the mail are always so much fun!

  3. Sounds like a great holiday - love the pictures from your garden Maybe you should try some sunflower seeds from a pack of birdseed? xx

  4. holiday time with no plans sounds excellent... love that blue fabric... I think you have grown a new species of miniature blinking sunflowers????

  5. Hurray you got it! It is nice to know the fun package was well received and went to a good home! ;) have fun, Chantal!

  6. Nothing better than vacation time with no pressure, no deadlines, no agenda. Enjoy your time off!


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