Sunday, 31 August 2014

The sewing room is open

I am finally in my sewing room ... for the right reason, and yet I don't have much to show. :(

We had a week of professional development at work. An entire week of just sitting in the conference room doing nothing but brain storming. Do you know how tiring just sitting is? Actually I did do something; I had to take the minutes and come Tuesday, I will put them all in order in a Word document so all my colleagues can read it so they don't forget. Who can forget a week like that? It was torture!! It is so hard for me to stay put for a long time. I need to burn my energy not hoard it. So in the evening, the last thing I wanted to do was to sit in front of the sewing machine. But today it is different.  

I did some clothes mending (so I was in my sewing room but it was boring) and some Plums and Orange Jam (yum).  I did NOT do the Marcus Designer Sew A Long new block ... yet. Will do this later today. I did finish the hand quilting on Antique Inspiration. 

It looks kind of warp-y now that it is done but that's okay with me. So now on to the label making. 

It is a hexie label, of course, like all my labels. Since it is a small decorative quilt, I decided to make a half flower.  I will sew it as close to the edge as I can. I am back stitching the name and my embroidery skill is very rusty. 

The thread is a very light pink just so it looks aged. 

Remember my adventure with sunflower seeds? This is the result! 

So NOT impressed!  Although the birds are already feeding from the puny flowers, I am putting up the bird feeders this weekend. I did learn a lot from this though. I should be able to do better next year. 
Too bad birds don't feed on Rudbeckia. It was a very good summer for them with all the rain we had. They are all over the place.  Around the clothesline post, (which is where I planted them years ago)
in the middle of the garden, 

in the flower bed (which is more weeds than flowers!)

and up to my sewing room window. I love those little suns :)  I let them grow where ever they want. 

Anyway, have to go and finish a few things (have to do Kiwi Jam and some Apricot Chutney too before the end of the weekend, not to mention cleaning) and some sewing too. 

Linking up with Kathy for a Slow Sunday Stitching and Angie at Hexie Weekend

Until next time ... sssSM :^)LE ... it brightens up like a little sun too. 


  1. Using hexies for labels. What a great idea. I'm impressed that you embroider your labels.

  2. Love that little label for Antique Inspiration :) I have embroidered on several of my quilts as flimsies and as quilts. My honey repairs featherweight sewing machines... should I have him mend his own? lol Tried it with a shirt and it didn't work... it is waiting on me :) That is okay... I will be bored one day and get it done... Love those yellow flowers... sorry your sunflowers didn't do well.. no assistnace here except maybe try a different spot next year or/and get the seeds in a different brand maybe... Kathi

  3. I love the idea of embroidering your label. I always have too much to say on my labels.

  4. What a great little label! Love that idea! I grew some puny sunflowers too and I think some animal, could be a deer snapped off the heads and they totally disappeared. Oh well as long as some animal got a good meal! LOL Your little quilt is very lovely!

  5. Such a cute label! Love all those sunny yellow flowers.

  6. Loving the fabrics in your hexies and the flowers are glorious!

  7. I love you little quilt and what a clever label... the yellow flowers are just so happy... no wonder you like them everywhere...

  8. What a great idea to use hexies for labels! You put them on the back, right? However, I can see that one on the front as it goes so well with the antique-ness of your darling quilt. Love the rudbeckias! Thanks for linking to Hexie Weekend.

  9. What beautiful quilts and beautiful flowers, I was delighted with this garden ... loved her sunflowers ...
    A blessed week to you ..
    Hugs from Brazil.

  10. J'adore tes rudbeckias. J'en ai moins aussi un peu partout, ça pousse tellement tout seul. Les murs de ma salle de couture sont du même jaune que la plante. Ça met un peu de couleur dans le sous-sol.


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