Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Blame the French Accent

I had nice comments on my last post. (I am not implying that usually I have bad comments, I just mean ... oh brother!!) Misunderstanding is what I mean.  Uh! Um! Let's start again.

I had comments on my last post and, as I was reading them, it dawn on me that I had mislead my readers. I apologize for that.  :- (

In my post, I said that I will add a white sashing and my sweet commentators were agreeing that it look good with the white sashing but, to me, the sashing was not on yet. So what were the nice people talking about? Then, the light came on in my head. Oh brother! I've mislead my readers with my blocks. True, the blocks do have a white sashing but, for me, that one is part of the block and not a "true" sashing. (Am I making sense?)

Blame it on my French accent please. I should have wrote; I will add a second white sashing because this is what I meant.

and add some corner blocks too ... or should I say corner stones? Funny how differently we can interpret one's writing. I've read my post again and again and now that I see it, I don't understand how come I couldn't see it before. I'll try to be more explicit from now on. I can be such a blabbermouth that I try to keep my posting short (not to bore you to tears).  But I left out an important little word; second. Thanks for all the nice comments, hope there is no hard feelings for my lack of ability at translating my ideas. Sorry to whom my reply was confusing. I had another vision of my quilt in my head then you did and I guess my reply didn't always made a lot of sense. (No, I was not drunk).  
BTW, yes, the blocks are crooked. I didn't pay much attention when sewing these little bits together and now, I am regretting it.

Hope you find some time to put some fabric to a needle.  Ha! ha! ha! (It does make sense in French!)

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it's international language.


  1. such a lovely post... I am trying to think in a french accent now!!! the blocks look lovely with their first and second white sashing and the corner stones is a brilliant addition.
    .. I only noticed some blocks were crooked after you mentioned it and I had to go and look!!


  2. I had thought you meant another sashing. To me, the white shown was a part of the block. I must admit, however, that I did not visualize how pretty the actual white sashing would look. Am I making sense? LOL The quilt is going to be lovely.

  3. Wow, that's even prettier than what I originally thought you were going to do. ;-) Like Fiona, I didn't notice any crookedness until you mentioned it. ;-)

  4. I love it even more with the SECOND white sashing! AND the cornerstones too! A lesson to us all to read through what we have written before posting but even then slips happen. I am smiling broadly. xx

  5. The second sashing looks fabulous.
    I was reading this post and getting very confused because I hadn't read the first one. LOL. So I went back and read that, and realised what you were apologising for. But like Prima Donna, when I saw the block, it would not have occurred to me that you meant anything but another row of white sashing. Confusing eh?? Whatever, it looks wonderful and the corner stones are perfect.


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