Saturday, 16 August 2014

The rebel got the blues

I have worked on the Marcus Designer Sew Along.  I redid the first block which now looks like this:

My first try at this block is now a mug rug:

I am happy with my decision of redoing it. I much prefer the green in the first picture. The blues just leave me cold in both pictures. I hope it will look better when put together in a quilt. 
After finishing these, I sew the second block which is this one:

This one was easier to do. The background is a very soft beige but look too white in the picture. It is better in real life. The green is a nice celery green that I like a lot. 
Since all was going so well with the blocks, when they (wonderful ladies doing this sew-along) posted block #3 last night, I went for it. 

And I went for the blues!! Hush! Hush! Please don't tell anyone but sometimes I'm a little rebel and don't follow instruction to the letter.  Giggles! Not that it looks better in blue or in green, I just thought there was enough green in the last block for the two of them. Here they are: 


This is fun. I love it!! 
Did you join? You can find all the information here in case you wish to sew along too. I'm sure you will see these blocks popping all over blogland, they're so cute. The wonderful ladies who are responsible for this are Pam Buda, Paula Barnes, Sarah Maxwell, and  Pati Violick will give us the next block on Friday. Is it Friday yet??? 

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it won't rebel against you.     


  1. your blocks are looking great...

  2. I think the redoing was worth it, you rebel! ;-)

  3. Looks fantastic! I like my blocks with more blues in also!


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