Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sharing on Sunday

 After my decision of turning the jean quilt into a rug, I decided to change it a little bit. I've removed a few rows and added them the other way to make a long narrow rectangle.  It will sit better in front of the couch with these measurements.

No border and no binding on this one. I am finishing it with buttonhole stitches in red.

The back side is all the same golden flannel that my sister gave me a long time ago.  I've used it just a little bit in the crumb quilt because it is not a nice flannel.  It is stiff. You know the white on white fabrics that are not nice; they feel stiff and painted on? Well, this flannel reminds me of that. It's not soft and the little print feels painted on.  But it is perfect for this project as it will be against the floor and I'm sure the floor won't mind. :^)

Does removing basting threads from little hexies count as Slow (reverse) Stitching Sunday?  I do need to remove some paper pieces from this quilt. Hope to do some of it today but I do have a lineup of more interesting thing to do.

As the day progress and temperature rises, I will move from my "outside" favorite sewing room to my "basement" sewing room and thread a few kilometers on Take 21. 

This quilt is really progressing slowly. I have a feeling it won't be ready for his birthday.  Oh well, that's life and it's okay. 

I am also machine quilting for the first time and what a wrestling match it is!! Didn't expect that, silly me!! 

"Where I come from" aka the crumb quilt is under the needle, getting stitched in the ditch. I did 7 lines of quilting last night and this morning, my right side is in pain. I am a lefty and to work a big quilt made of flannel (front and back) through a little Janome took a lot out of my right hand, arm, shoulder, upper back, neck, you get the picture, which are not really used to this kind of workout. I am sure many of you can relate. I will survive and laugh about it one day... just not now. 

Hope you enjoy your Sunday as much as I will do mine.  I'm hopping to Kathy's place to check out what wonderful projects are being worked on today. It's my Sunday's indulgence. 

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it's painless. 


  1. What a great assortment of projects! I really like the way you've turned your jeans quilt into a rug.

  2. Machine quilting large quilts is literally a pain in the neck, back, hands and arms. I have done it but in trying to get some UFO finished, I sent two large quilts to a friend to be quilted...I am quilting by "cheque"!!! lol

  3. I love all those quilts. I want to try machine quilting also. I too am a lefty although I am more ambidextrous. I crochet and knit right-handed. Maybe it won't bother me as much. Hope the rest of your quilting gets easier.

  4. So many nice projects going on ! :) Turning that into a rug...creative and clever! :)

    I know what you mean about the white on white fabrics. I have some and when I am quilting them versus plain I can tell the difference...they are harder to work with!

  5. I know exactly what you mean. After my last finished quilt, my right shoulder was paining me for a few days. We have to pace ourselves with some relaxing hand stitching!

  6. lots of activity going on... yes, I get achy quilting too.. so a bit at a time ...

  7. Yes, as a beginning quilter I bought some of those stiff white on whites. Ugh! All your projec ts are looking great!

  8. Stitching in the ditch demande beaucoup de précision et de muscles. Si jamais tu fais du free motion quilting, tu vas voir que tes deux bras ne sont pas égaux. Au début, le bras faible est terriblement fatigué. Le piquage demande des musles aux bras, aux épaules, aux dos. Moi j'essaie de ne pas dépasser 2 heures d'affilé. La plupart du temps, seulement une heure, même si c'est juste pour des lignes droites avec le walking. C'est vraiment très demandant en endurance pour les muscles. J'ai vraiment hâte de voir l'effet du piquage une fois terminé.

  9. You are working on so many wonderful projects. I really love your crumb quilt! Hopefully you will have a quick recovery from the first bit of quilting so that you can get it all finished.

  10. Yes, tugging those huge quilts around to quilt on a little domestic is a challenge. I started setting the kitchen timer every 20 minutes to remember to get up and move around (even if it is just to turn off and reset the timer in the next room) to stretch out and ease the tension in the shoulders and back. Might be something to try? All your projects are beautiful. Especially love the diamond hexagons.


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